• $13

    Crispy Chicken Ranch Wrap

    Crispy chicken wrapped with tomato, Lettuce, Tex-Mex cheese and Ranch dressing.

  • $13

    Buffalo Wrap

    Chicken fingers tossed in a Buffalo sauce wrapped with tomato, lettuce and Tex-Mex cheese.

  • $10

    Vegetarian Wrap

    Lettuce, tomato, colour peppers, onions, cucumbers, and Tex-Mex cheese with ranch dressing.

  • $13

    Fajita Wrap

    Your choice of chicken or steak wrapped with onions, red and green peppers, Tex-Mex cheese and secret spice.

  • $13

    California Wrap

    Grilled chicken wrapped with tomato lettuce, Tex-Mex cheese and ranch dressing.

  • $13

    Curry Chicken Wrap

    Boneless white meat cooked with mild curry sauce and mixed with basmati rice.

  • $13

    Chicken Club Wrap

    Grilled chicken, bacon, lettuce, tomato and Tex-Mex cheese with mayonnaise dressing.